Consorting – Relevant Offence Definitions

Section 77 of the Criminal Code of Queensland 1899 defines a ‘relevant offence’ for the consorting laws to be an indictable offence for which the maximum penalty is at least 5 years imprisonment, including an offence against a repealed provision of an Act or one of the following:

[A] Criminal Code Qld 1899

  • Section 61(3) – Riot
  • Section 69 – Going armed so as to cause fear
  • Section 75 – Threatening Violence
  • Section 77B – Habitually Consorting wiht recognised offenders
  • Section 130 – Preventing witnesses from attending
  • Section 229H – Knowingly participate in the provision of prostitution
  • Section 229HC – Persons engaging in or obtaining prostitution through unlawful business
  • Section 229I – Persons found in places reasonably suspected of being used for prostitution
  • Section 229K – Having an interest in premises used for prostitution
  • Section 317A (2) – Carrying or renting dangerous goods in a vehicle
  • Section 327 – Setting mantraps
  • Section 355 – Deprivation of liberty
  • Section 408D – Obtaining or dealing with identification information
  • Section 413 – Assaults with intent to steal
  • Section 414 – Demanding property with intent to steal

[B] Weapons Act Qld 1990

  • Section 50 (1)©(ii) – Possession of category C or E weapon;
  • Section 50 (1)©(iii) – Possession of category A, B or M weapon;
  • Section 50B (1)©(iii) – Unlawful supply category A, B or M weapon;
  • Section 57 (3) – Carry in a public place a weapon capable of discharge;
  • Section 57 (4) – Discharge a weapon in, into, towards, over or through a public place;
  • Section 58 – Dangerous Conduct with a weapon;
  • Section 61 – Shortening firearms;
  • Section 62 – Modifying construction or action of firearms;
  • Section 63 – Altering identification marks of weapons;
  • Section 69 (1A) Armourer not being licensed category A or B Weapon or category M Crossbow;
  • Section 151B – Protection of Informers;
  • Section 151D – Power to prohibit publication of proceedings;

[C] Offences outside Queensland

An offence against the law of another State or the Commonwealth, or a place outside Australia, that, if the offence had been committed in Queensland, would be a relevant offence under the [A] – Criminal Code or [B] Weapons Act above.

[D] Commonwealth Criminal Code

  • Section 102.8 – Associating with terrorist organisations

[E] Crimes Act (NSW)

  • Section 310 J – membership of terrorist organisation.


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