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Dear Mr. Gatenby,

I wish to express my appreciation for the exemplary manner in which you handled this matter and would not hesitate in recommending your services nor providing a testimonial should that be of assistance to you.

I understand your firm is recently established yet you clearly bring experience and character necessary to represent your clients in the best manner possible.

I wish you only the best for the future.

Kind Regards,

- Kris T
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I just wanted to thank you again for helping us and getting the result we did on Friday.

We still can not believe it. We are so grateful for all you did for us.

Thanks again,

- Jodie J
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Dear Michael,

Today Matt is a free man, so I again want to thank you for everything you did for us, you were and are more than a great lawyer, you were a mentor, counselor, and confidante.

I do not believe we would be here today without you and all your skills so bless you Michael there will always be a place in my heart for you.

- Karen T
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Congratulations you awesome men.

It has been a long road but it’s over now, thanks to everything you have done.

All the best.

- Violet M
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Dear Mr Michael Gatenby,

Truly brilliant, so cool calm and on your game I would like to thank you for representing me last Friday.

My life has changed without the pressure of pending charges and that one in particular.

I feel as though I am able to move on and think clearly again. I love your work.

Thanks again!

Kind Regards,

- Kevin M
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Words cannot describe the relief and emotion I feel, please extend my sincere and deepest thanks to Sara and to you Michael for all your hard work, dedication and professionalism. I know you fought for my son not only as solicitor but you took the task as your own personal battle.

When I am back in Australia in the near future I would like to have a celebration lunch or dinner.

Once again my sincere thanks.

- Alex C
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You are the best Lawyer in Queensland by far. When the rest of Qld realises that, the world in Queensland will be a safer place.

- Robert W
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Dear Michael,

If I haven’t thanked you before I will thank you again.

Both you and Adrian have given me back my life with my kids!!

I will be in debt to you forever!

- Ellen P
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A million thanks to you, Michael and Rijald. Both of you have done a fantastic job and I do appreciate it very much! Awesome legal team! Thanks again guys.

- Dianne R