Police Interviews

The police have asked me to come do an interview. Do I have to go?

You do not have to attend an interview if it has been requested by a police officer. Both Gatenby Criminal Lawyers and the Court itself recognise police interviews as being unfair.

If the police still want you to come in for an interview, you should seek immediate legal advice. Gatenby Criminal Lawyers can be reached on 55800120.

What’s unfair about it? I know how to deal with police.

  • You are in unfamiliar surroundings;
  • The officers interviewing you are trained experts and know how to get admissions out of you. These admissions may seem like innocent statements to yourself;
  • Police interviews are very 1-sided: police give questions, you give answers;
  • There are usually at least 2 different officers asking you questions;
  • The room is fitted with electronic recording equipment that may be unfamiliar to you.

Ultimately, the police are trained to get information that can be used against you, you’re put in an unfamiliar situation and everything is recorded and can be used against you.

What if I have been arrested and they want to ask me questions?

The same applies if you are arrested, you will be at a natural disadvantage and typically will not have much to gain from participating. You have the right to contact a lawyer of your choice, which you should do so immediately. Your lawyer can delay the interview until you are able to receive legal advice and determine whether it is in your best interest to participate in an interview.

What can I say to the officer?

You should provide your name, address and date of birth. This is all you are required to give them. You should not answer any other questions until you have contacted Michael Gatenby and obtained advice.

The following is an example of what you should say to a police officer.

I have been advised that I have the right to remain silent and that I need only provide my name, address and date of birth.  I wish to exercise my right to remain silent and will not answer any further questions.  I wish to contact my lawyer, Michael Gatenby on 55800120 and ask that questioning be delayed while you contact him.

What happens after I’ve contacted Gatenby Law?

  1. Immediately ask to speak to a lawyer;
  2. Michael Gatenby or one of our expert solicitors will request that the interview is delayed to enable them to attend.
  3. Speak with your solicitor in private and consider whether the interview would be of benefit to you.
  4. Arrange for your solicitor to attend the interview to either participate or formally deny participating.

Our experienced criminal lawyers are used to dealing with police and can ensure that your rights are protected and minimise your exposure to risk. If you or someone you know has been contacted by police to attend an interview, contact Gatenby Criminal Lawyers urgently on 55800 120.