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criminal law

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Criminal Charges are serious. Due to police investigation your reputation, livelihood and especially your liberty can be affected.  As a result, we understand that being charged with a criminal offence is a traumatic experience.

Criminal and quasi-criminal charges can create a great deal of uncertainty for those not familiar with the criminal justice system.  Therefore questions like, “What court will I be in?“,  “What is the maximum penalty?” and “Can I defend this?” are ones that need to be answered early on.  Because we have years of actual criminal law experience, we can answer your questions and provide tactical advice from the outset.

The state has access to experienced Detectives, prosecutors, surveillance, doctors, forensic chemists and other experts. Having the unlimited resources of the state opposing you can be overwhelming. Consequently, you need lawyers who can navigate through the system.  We provide practical and timely advice so that you can make informed decisions.

Specialised Practice

Criminal Law advocacy is a specialised area of law.

We are Criminal Law advocates who appear in Queensland Courts on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the criminal law system.

Utilising our experience we are able to advise you what the prosecution is required to prove, successful defences available and alternate ways of dealing with the matter. Often it is those early tactical decisions that dictate the outcome of a prosecution.

Given our knowledge and reputation, we are often able to negotiate with prosecuting authorities. We are regularly able to have charges withdrawn or negotiated, to better represent the criminality and mitigate sentencing consequences.

Experience Counts

With over 20 years courtroom experience, the Solicitors at Gatenby Criminal Lawyers are able to provide you with exceptional results.

We are constantly abreast of the ever-changing criminal laws. We were the first Solicitors in the Queensland to challenge the VLAD Bail laws. We successfully represented the first people charged under Queensland’s anti-association laws. Again we were the first firm to appear in relation to the 2016 offence of choking.

Criminal Law Charges

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