Traffic Offences

Charged with a Queensland Traffic Offence?

All traffic offences in Queensland have the capacity to incur a disqualification period, from speeding offences to dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, the Court has the power to take away your licence.

Gatenby Criminal Lawyers can provide expert advice and representation on all speeding, drink driving, special hardship and work licence applications.

Why Choose us?

We appear in court literally hundreds of times every year for drink driving and traffic matters. We know traffic law because its what we do. Every week we resolve drink-driving offences, we secure work licences and we mitigate disqualification periods. We are dedicated to ensuring your sentence and disqualification period are as lenient as possible.

We do not do conveyancing, we will not do your divorce and we cannot review your lease – but we do know how to resolve your traffic charges and get your licence back as soon as possible.

Traffic charges can have a devastating effect on you and your families employment, freedom and mobility. With all this at stake an experienced and skilled lawyer, dedicated to traffic defence is critical to your success. With our wealth of experience and commitment to fearless defence, Gatenby Criminal Lawyers consistently achieves successful outcomes.

Queensland Traffic Offenders Program

Michael Gatenby is a presenter at the Gold Coast Traffic Offender Program, addressing the legal component of the course. We are experienced advocates in relation to all traffic matters and can provide advice regarding likely penalty ranges across Gold Coast and Brisbane.

To discover more about particular offences, disqualification periods and penalties imposed click the links to the left or contact us for specific advice.

If you or someone you know has been charged or is about to be charged with a traffic offence, you should contact an experienced traffic lawyer for advice. Call Gatenby Criminal Law today.