• With our years of experience and fixed fees we offer an individual approach to all criminal and traffic charges.

    Fixed Fees
  • With our proven track record of exceptional results we are industry leaders in traffic matters.

  • Gatenby Criminal Lawyers have a reputation as one of Queensland’s most sought after Criminal Law Firms with experience in all aspects of Criminal Law.


Welcome to Gatenby Law

We are a leading criminal law firm representing clients throughout all of Queensland. Our offices are located on the Gold Coast & in Brisbane.


Gatenby Criminal Lawyers have been practising law on the Gold Coast since 2011. Due to favourable results and ongoing referrals, we now have three offices in total, one in Brisbane, and two on the Gold Coast.

As a boutique criminal law firm, Gatenby Criminal Lawyers provides personalised advice and representation at all stages of a criminal prosecution.


Our experienced solicitors will attend police interviews, appear in Court, and provide advice for cases relating to domestic violence, traffic offences, Government prosecutions, and many other criminal matters.

At Gatenby Criminal Law, we understand that that facing charges can be stressful, therefore, we offer flexible fee arrangements to ensure that you can afford a fair defence.


If you’re facing criminal charges, make sure you have an experienced lawyer on your side. Contact us by phone or submit an enquiry from our contact page.