Criminal Law Services

As a trusted criminal law firm, Gatenby Criminal Lawyers provides focused criminal law advice and representation at all stages of a criminal prosecution.

From the moment of your arrest or detention by a government body, we are adept at devising the most appropriate strategy for your matter.

We routinely advise on arrest and criminal procedure and will advise you on preliminary matters such as police interviews and bail applications. We can even provide advice and representation in coercive hearings conducted by the Crime and Misconduct Commission and the Crime Commission.

Areas of Practice:

Criminal Law

As an Authoritative criminal law firm, we are able to offer you professional advice from the moment you are first advised of possible police involvement until the finalisation of your matter.  We engage in all criminal matters from Murder to Public Nuisance.  Regardless of the seriousness of the allegation, we will ensure you receive the best outcome.

Domestic Violence Law

As Criminal Lawyers we regularly conduct trials which gives us exceptional advocacy skills. From cross-examination to leading you through your evidence we can ensure your case is expertly placed before the Court. Whether you are seeking a Protection Order or opposing same, we can help you.

Bail Applications

An Application for bail is one of the essential steps in a criminal prosecution. We have extensive experience in negotiating and applying for bail.  We were also documented as being the first Criminal Law Firm to challenge the so-called VLAD provisions of the Bail Act.

Police Interviews

Most people have limited contact with police and are surprised when asked to conduct a police interview.  What you say and do can have a massive impact on the future of your criminal prosecution.  We are able to provide you with advice whenever you are charged, call on our 24-hour emergency crime line.

Traffic Law

Traffic law includes all charges arising from the operation of motor vehicles. Courts have a wide sentencing discretion in relation to traffic offences including, disqualification, imprisonment and forfeiture.  We can provide you with advice on all aspects of traffic law defence and have considerable success when traffic matters proceed to trial.

Work Licences

If you have been charged with a drink driving offence you may be eligible for a restricted work licence. We have a proven history of success with Work Licence Applications and can take care of all facets of the Application, including drafting your Affidavit material and appearing on your behalf.