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Drug Offfece

Drug Lawyers

As drug lawyers who regularly appear in Gold Coast and Queensland Courts, we can confirm that drug offences represent a large proportion of matters before Queensland Courts.

While young people are routinely intercepted with small quantities of drugs for their personal use, they are often surprised to discover that “sharing” with their friends can result in them being charged with an offence of supply dangerous drug. We regularly appear on behalf of youthful offenders and ensure that no conviction is recorded as part of the sentencing process.

More serious offences such as the production of dangerous drugs and trafficking need to be thoroughly examined. This kind of charges needs an experienced criminal lawyer who can provide realistic advice on prospects of success and mitigation.

With maximum penalties of up to 25 years, drug offences are not matters to be left to chance.

Drug Offences:

  • Offences in this category include Possession of Dangerous Drug, Produce Dangerous Drug, Supply Dangerous Drug through to Trafficking. There are also offences under the Commonwealth Criminal Code which relate to the importation of Border Controlled Substances into the Country.

Drug Penalties:

  • The penalties imposed vary dependant upon the seriousness of the misconduct and the impact upon the complainant. In relation to some charges in this class, there is also an option for an accused to be declared a Serious Violent Offender, which requires the person to serve 80% of the sentence imposed.

Drug Defences:

  • Defences in relation to these matters are limited. Instead the majority of trials centre on the issue of whether the person was in possession and the element of knowledge. This area of law has some added complexity in that there are deeming provisions which can apply. It is prudent to obtain advice in relation to relevant defences specific to the facts of your case.


  • The Drugs Misuse Regulations contain a number of Schedules which detail the type and Quantity of Drugs that are able to be determined in a particular court. Many of the possessions of a personal nature are resolved in the Magistrates Court while the bulk of Supply Charges and Production matters are finalised in the District Court. The more serious examples of alleged offending are determined in the Supreme Court.

Gatenby Criminal Lawyers:

We regularly appear in relation to Drug Offences. We can provide you with advice as to prospects of success at trial, defences available and likely sentencing range. Contact us today to arrange a consultation about your matter.

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