Public Order Offences

Public Order offences are serious and should be dealt with by an experienced criminal lawyer. Learn more about what a public order entails, possible penalties and defences if charged with a public order offence.


Public Order Offences include:

  • Riot,
  • Going armed to cause fear,
  • Affray,  and
  • Threatening violence.


Offences relating to alleged breaches of the peace are significant in Queensland. The offence of Riot carries a sentencing range of 3 years to life imprisonment dependent upon the nature of the conduct. The offences of threatening violence and going armed to cause fear carries a maximum penalty of two years, while affray attracts one year as its maximum.


There are a number of Defences that are available to an accused. They depend upon the nature of the charge but include acting in self defence of yourself or someone else. There is also a defence of provocation available to some of the elements of the charges. It is prudent to obtain legal advice in relation to relevant defences specific to the facts of your case.


These matters, until recently had to proceed by way of indictment to the District Court. It is now open to resolve a number of these charges, summarily, before a Magistrates Court.

Gatenby Criminal Lawyers

Gatenby Criminal Lawyers regularly appear in relation to Breach of Public Order Offences. We can provide you with advice as to prospects of success at trial, defences available and likely sentencing range.