Possession of Unregistered Firearms

“A licensee must not possess an unregistered firearm.”

Our experienced criminal law solicitors have prepared a brief overview of the law relating to weapons in Queensland.

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As a general rule, all firearms must be registered, whether the owner has a valid licence or not. If in doubt, contact your solicitor or the Queensland firearms registry.

Does a Barrel Count as a Firearm?

A firearm does not include a barrel, breechbolt or top slide of a firearm.

What the Prosecution Must Prove

  1. You possessed the firearm;
  2. The weapon is defined under the regulations (see categories);
  3. The firearm was not registered in the Queensland firearms register; and
  4. You were not authorised to possess the weapon.

The Crown is required to prove all of the above elements.

Possible Penalties

The maximum penalty for this offence is 120 penalty units.

What Court Will I Be In?

Possession of weapons is a summary charge, and will be heard and determined in the Magistrates Court.

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