Unlawful Supply of Weapons

“A person must not unlawfully supply a weapon to another person.”

Our experienced criminal law solicitors have prepared a brief overview of the law relating to weapons in Queensland.

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What is a ‘Supply’?

In regards to weapons, supply means to give another person. It can be a sale or simply a gifting, there does not need to be any cost or compensation.

Offers to supply, or even acts in preparation to supply may also be considered a supply according to the Court.

Examples of Prohibited Acts

  • Giving your partner an engraved pistol as a gift
  • Selling an old shotgun to a unlicensed private buyer
  • Lending a friend a hunting rifle for the weekend getaway

The above are simply examples and are not exhaustive of all situations.

What the Prosecution Must Prove

  1. You supplied a weapon to another person;
  2. The weapon is defined under the regulations (see categories); and
  3. You were not authorised to supply the weapon.

The Crown is required to prove all of the above elements.

Possible Penalties

Offence Maximum Penalty
Supply of 5+ weapons, with 1+ Category D, E, H or R weapons 13 Years Imprisonment
5+ weapons 10 Years Imprisonment, or 500 Penalty Units
Category D, H or R weapon 7 Years Imprisonment, or 300 Penalty Units
Category C or E weapon 4 Years Imprisonment, or 200 Penalty Units
Category A, B or M weapon 2 Years Imprisonment, or 100 Penalty Units

What Court Will I Be In?

Unlawful supply of weapons is a summary charge, and will be heard and determined in the Magistrates Court.

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