Sexual Offences

Sexual offences are considered to be a serious criminal law matter. If you have been charged with a sexual offence then you need to speak with an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Find out more about Sexual offences penalties and defences.


This class of offences is wide in nature and includes offences such as;

  • Indecent treatment of children under the age of 16,
  • Making, distributing or possessing child exploitation material 228D
  • Maintaining sexual relationship with a child,
  • Sexual Assault and
  • Rape


Offences of making and distributing child exploitation material carry maximum sentences of ten (10) years and the possession of child exploitation material five (5) years. In relation to the offence of Maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, the maximum sentence is life imprisonment.


There are numerous defences available to sexual offence charges however they are dependent upon the exact charge and particular circumstances of each charge. There are also different elements that the prosecution needs to establish to prove their case. It is prudent to obtain advice in relation to relevant defences specific to the facts of your case.


These matters, until recently have to proceed by way of an indictment to the District Court. It is now open to resolving a number of these charges, Summarily, before a Magistrates Court.

Gatenby Criminal Lawyers

Gatenby Criminal Lawyers regularly appear in relation to Breach of Public Order Offences. We can provide you with advice as to prospects of success at trial, defences available and likely sentencing range.