State Wide Review of Restricted (Work) Licences

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Restricted licences, are commonly referred to as work licences.  They permit a convicted drink driver to drive for work purposes.  The licence holder is subjected to a series of conditions regulating t … [Read more...]

It’s just a drink driving offence, I can’t go to jail. Can I?

Drink Driving Offence

Most motorists pleading guilty to their first drink driving charge will receive a fine and a loss of their licence.  It is however open for the Magistrate to impose an actual period of imprisonment, es … [Read more...]

Blood Alcohol Concentration limits in Queensland

Drink Driving Offence

Queensland police have the power to intercept motorists for "random breath tests".  They are looking to determine the quantity of alcohol in your breath or blood.  The reading is expressed as a p … [Read more...]

Traffic Lawyers Guide To Work License Applications

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Disqualification If you have been charged with a Drink Driving offence you must receive a disqualification. This is in addition to any other sentence that the Court may impose.  In some … [Read more...]

When do I have to provide police with a traffic crash report?

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Current Law. The Driver of a motor vehicle is required to furnish a traffic crash report to police as soon as possible to the nearest police station. Section 92 of the Transport Operations (Road Use … [Read more...]

Disqualified Driving Sentence

Mollie Roper obtained an exceptional result for this mornings disqualified driving sentence.  Our client was charged with one count of disqualified driving and another count of disqualified driving … [Read more...]

Traffic Law – Can I Refuse a RBT?

A number of clients often ask our traffic lawyers whether they have to provide a specimen of breath.   Some people believe that the police must, upon request, obtain a blood test, others are indignant … [Read more...]

Drink Driving – What Alcohol Limit Applies?

Gold Coast Traffic Lawyers As Gold Coast traffic lawyers who present at QTOP*, we often ask attendees what the various alcohol limits are that apply in Queensland.  There is often as much confusion … [Read more...]

Drink Driving – Go Straight to Jail, Do Not Pass Go.

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Gold Coast Drink Driving Lawyers Most Queensland motorists understand that if they are caught drinking and driving, they will be disqualified from holding or obtaining a Queensland driver’s licence f … [Read more...]


Hooning Laws Hooning and other reckless driving offences can result in the impoundment or immobilisation of a motor vehicle for a period of  seven to 90 days under Queensland Hooning Laws.  For r … [Read more...]