08 Feb

New fines introduced at electric charging stations

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular in Queensland, with the state government announcing a target of having 1 million electric vehicles on the roads by 2030. However, with the rise in popularity comes the issue of parking in electric vehicle charging bays, which has led to the introduction of new fines.

Queensland drivers who park in an electric vehicle charging bay will be hit with a fine of $55. The fine is aimed at deterring drivers from parking in the bays and blocking access for electric vehicle owners who need to charge their vehicles.

The new fine applies to any vehicle that is not an electric vehicle parked in an electric vehicle charging bay, regardless of whether the vehicle is parked during the hours of operation for the charging station or not.

The new fine is in line with the government’s commitment to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles and make it easier for owners to charge their vehicles. Electric vehicle owners have previously raised concerns about the lack of available charging bays, with some owners reporting that they have been unable to charge their vehicles due to petrol vehicles parked in the bays.

The increase in the fine for parking in electric vehicle charging bays is a positive step towards promoting the use of electric vehicles in Queensland. It sends a message to drivers that parking in the bays is not acceptable and that electric vehicle owners should have priority access to the bays.

It is important for drivers to be aware of the new fine and to avoid parking in electric vehicle charging bays unless they are driving an electric vehicle and need to charge their vehicle. The increase in the fine should serve as a deterrent for drivers and help to ensure that electric vehicle owners have access to the charging bays they need. Drivers should be aware of the new fine and avoid parking in the bays unless they are driving an electric vehicle and need to charge


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