16 Mar

Drink Driving – What Alcohol Limit Applies?

Uncertainty about your BAC could see you loose your licence.
Uncertainty about your BAC could see you loose your licence.

Gold Coast Traffic Lawyers

As Gold Coast traffic lawyers who present at QTOP*, we often ask attendees what the various alcohol limits are that apply in Queensland.  There is often as much confusion about the limit as to the amount you need to consume to reach 0.05%.  Many people are surprised to learn that even though they are holders of an open drivers licence, due to the nature of their driving they are required to have a zero BAC.

Queensland Alcohol Limits

In Queensland the alcohol liming that applies depends on the class of licence that you hold.  As a general rule, the following legal alcohol limits apply:

  1. Holder of a learner, provisional or probationary licence: 0.00
  2. Holder of a restricted licence: 0.00
  3. Holder of a licence when driving particular vehicles (eg trucks, buses, taxis etc): 0.00
  4. Holder of an open licence: below 0.05

Unfortunately we have had a number of clients who have been mistaken as to the alcohol limit that applies to them.  If in doubt you should contact one of our Gold Coast traffic lawyers and we will be happy to schedule a complimentary 30 minute appointment or provide some preliminary traffic law advice over the phone.

Restricted licence

You should also be aware that after your licence has been disqualified by the Court, you are not automatically returned to a full open c class licence.  You may find that you are placed on a r licence for a period and accordingly you will be the subject of a 0.00 BAC.  You need to carefully check the status of your licence once you return from disqualification.

*QTOP is the Queensland Traffic Offender Program of which we are proud sponsors and presenters.  For more information contact our receptionists or log onto the Queensland Traffic Offender website,


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