20 May

Disqualified Driving Sentence

Gatenby Criminal Lawyers LogoMollie Roper obtained an exceptional result for this mornings disqualified driving sentence.  Our client was charged with one count of disqualified driving and another count of disqualified driving whilst intoxicated.  The second offence was committed in the same week and while on bail for the original offence.

Our client was originally disqualified from driving for a high range drink drive charge.

Generally, for offending of this type a community based order and/or a period of imprisonment would be imposed.

After hearing extensive submissions made by Ms Roper the Magistrate sentenced the client to:

  1. A fine; and
  2. The minimum mandatory periods of disqualification.

While the mandatory disqualification period was still lengthy, the client  stayed out of jail and is able to maintain his employment and family commitments.

Sentencing Ranges

Disqualified driving is a serious offence and attracts a maximum penalty of up to $6,600.00 or imprisonment for up to 18 months.  As part of any disqualified driving sentence the Court must disqualify you from holding or obtaining a driver licence for a period of between two (2) and five (5) years.

As has been discussed earlier in our site, Queensland Magistrates are routinely imposing sentences of imprisonment for repeat disqualified driving offences and in circumstances where there is a circumstance of aggravation, such as drink or drug driving the prospects of imprisonment are increased.

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