Opening of Southport’s specialist Domestic and Family Violence Court

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On 19 October 2017 the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Yvette D’Ath  officially opened Southport’s permanent specialist Domestic and Family Violence Court.  The renovations reflect the caselo … [Read more...]

Proposed Bill to prohibit DV Respondents from holding explosives licence

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Following on from the Queensland Government’s Not Now Not Ever policy, the Land, Explosives and Other Legislation Amendment Bill has been introduced into parliament.  The aim of the proposed legis … [Read more...]

DV Applications: How To Apply For A Domestic Violence Order

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If you are in a domestic relationship and the subject of domestic violence you may be eligible to complete a DV application for a Domestic Violence Protection Order.  The person applying for the Order … [Read more...]

Bail (Domestic Violence) and Another Act Amendment Bill 2017

Domestic violence bail

On Valentines Day 2017, the Opposition Leader, Tim Nicholls introduced the Bail (Domestic Violence) and Another Act Amendment Bill 2017 into the Queensland Parliament. The Bill will see a massive … [Read more...]

Recording Private Conversations – Is it lawful?

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The Moreton Bay Council recently announced that they have rolled out 330 CCTV cameras that have the capacity to record private conversations. In 2013 the then Queensland Transport Minister sought to … [Read more...]

What to consider when contesting a Domestic Violence Application

Domestic Violence

Contesting a Domestic Violence Application under Queensland's Domestic Violence legislation can be a daunting.  You should carefully consider the Application before you decide how to respond to it.  W … [Read more...]

Domestic & Family Violence Protection Bill 2016

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DV LAW SET TO BE STRENGTHENED AND PENALTIES INCREASED. Domestic Violence Law On 16 August 2016, the Minister for Child Safety and Minister for the Protection of Domestic and Family Violence … [Read more...]

Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council

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Sentencing law to be assisted by Sentencing Advisory Council Sentencing law is a complex and often controversial part of the Criminal process.  In considering the competing elements of the sentencing … [Read more...]