Bikie Laws $82,500.00 FOR WEARING COLOURS.

Criminal law

Bikie Laws amendments to the Liquor Act. The State Government has introduced changes to the Liquor Act 1992.  The Government has declared 26 motor cycle gangs as Declared Criminal Organisations.  The … [Read more...]

26 OMCG declared a Criminal Organisation

Declared Criminal Organisations

New Qld Bikie Laws New Qld Bikie laws have been introduced targeting the illegal activities of criminal gangs in Queensland. The reforms introduce new offences, increased penalties, enhanced powers … [Read more...]

Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment Bill

Criminal motorcycle gang members will face mandatory jail terms of up to 25 years as part of a range of new and increased penalties to be introduced in Parliament by the Newman Government t … [Read more...]

Super jail’ for criminal bikie gangs

A special ultra-secure facility at Woodford Correctional Centre will house the highest risk members of criminal motorcycle gangs. In prison, criminal motorcycle gang members will face: … [Read more...]