26 Jul

Mongrel Mob to be outlawed in Queensland

It is expected that New Zealand’s, Mongrel Mob, will be declared an ‘identified organisation’, under the Serious and Organised Crime Legislation Amendment Act 2016

The declaration comes following purported intelligence gathered by the Police Commissioner advising that there is evidence of Mongrel Mob activity in Queensland. The power to declare the gang an identified organisation is an unfettered discretion of the executive branch and is not the subject of any judicial scrutiny.


The consequences of the identified organisation declaration under the Serious and Organised Crime Legislation Amendment Act 2016, include:

  1. Prohibition on the wearing of outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) colours or logos in public
  2. Closure of clubhouses;
  3. Seizure of prohibited items; and
  4. The charging of serious organised crime offences.

Presently there are 28 entities, including Bandidos, The Finks, and the Rebels which have been declared as identified organisations

The declaration under the Liquor Regulation 2002 activates the Serious and Organised Crime Legislation Amendment Act 2016 laws which include a consorting offence, Public Safety Orders, a serious organised crime circumstance of aggravation, Organised Crime Control Orders, the banning of the visible carrying or wearing of outlaw motorcycle gang ‘colours’ in all public places, offences and increased penalties for child sexual exploitation offending, sophisticated financial crimes and drug trafficking and enhancements to police powers.


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