Electronic Tracking for alleged Queensland DVO offenders

Following the January 30 death of Teresa Bradshaw, there is a call for bail conditions to include the wearing of a tracking device by alleged domestic violence offenders.  Ms Bradford was killed by he … [Read more...]

Qld set to overturn Barbaro & Zirilli v The Queen [2014]

Statue of justice

Barbaro & Zirilli is a 2014 High Court Decision which effectively brought to an end the practice of Prosecutors providing the Court with an appropriate sentencing range.  Until 2014 it was usual … [Read more...]

When do I have to provide police with a traffic crash report?

traffic laws

Current Law. The Driver of a motor vehicle is required to furnish a traffic crash report to police as soon as possible to the nearest police station. Section 92 of the Transport Operations (Road Use … [Read more...]

Police Set to Outsource Service of Notices To Appear

Notices to Appear

Notices to Appear Under current legislation the Queensland Police Service is required to personally serve Notices to Appear on alleged offenders.  This process ensures that the alleged offender is … [Read more...]

Juvenile Offenders To Be Named and Shamed Under New Laws

one punch

New criminal laws have been passed for juvenile offenders in Queensland with a substantial overhaul of the Qld Childrens Court process.  These changes are substantial in that they remove the … [Read more...]

NSW to Target Repeat and High Range Drink Driving with Interlock

High Range Drink Driving Repeat and those caught high range drink driving will have to install an alcohol interlock device under legislation to be introduced into NSW parliament early next … [Read more...]

Increased penalties for stock Qld Stock Offences

stock penalties

The minimum fines for stock offences have increased from $200 to $1100 per animal or the value of the animal, whichever is the higher amount. Other amendments to the legislation will benefit … [Read more...]

Fail to Appear – What happens

It an offence to fail to appear in court in accordance with a bail undertaking. The court has the power to revoke the bail undertaking, forfeit any sureties and issue a warrant for your … [Read more...]



A banning order is a order that prohibits an offender, until a stated date, from doing or attempting to do any of the following: Entering or remaining in a stated licensed premises ; or a stated … [Read more...]


Unexplained Wealth

On 28 November 2012, the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Serious Drugs, Identity Crime and Other Measures) Bill 2012 received royal assent. This act increases the value of a penalty unit from $ … [Read more...]