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Traffic Law Experts for Work Licence

Gatenby Criminal Lawyers are traffic law experts. We appear in court literally hundreds of times every year in relation to traffic applications.

An experienced lawyer does make a difference to your application. We are able to prepare your material and ensure that you comply with all of the requirements work licence. We can also discuss with you ways to improve your prospects of success.

We don’t just dabble in traffic matters, we know that a drivers licence is an essential part of modern life. From tradesmen that need to transport their tools, sales people that need to drive, through to parents that need to get their children to school, all have come to rely on their ability to drive.

We understand that the loss of a drivers licence can have a devastating effect on you and your families employment, freedom and mobility. With all this at stake, we take all traffic applications seriously.

If your licence has been suspended or disqualified you may be eligible for a restricted work licence, or a special hardship order.

The legislation imposes onerous requirements as to the substance, form and timing of the work licence application. Failure to comply may mean that the court is unable to grant your application.

Michael Gatenby is a presenter at the Gold Coast Traffic Offender Program, addressing on the legal component of the course. We are experienced advocates and can provide advice regarding all traffic applications.

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