Michael Gatenby


For over a decade Michael Gatenby has specialised exclusively in criminal and traffic law and is well known for his formidable advocacy skills in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Court at Southport, Brisbane and Beenleigh. He has a wealth of experience as a criminal lawyer, from simple traffic offences to complex criminal cases such as white collar offences, prostitution and violent offences.

Michael has lived on the Gold Coast all of his life. His initial work saw him practising in a general law firm where he undertook all facets of the law. He has gained an invaluable understanding of the commercial world which frequently assists in resolving criminal matters.

As a criminal lawyer, Michael Gatenby is recognised for his ability to frankly evaluate the case against an accused person and provide prudent advice as to the conduct of the matter. He appreciates that all charges can have a serious impact upon the accused, their reputation, and that of their family and friends.

Michael understands sentencing principles and applies practical and realistic advice to your matter. Where a guilty plea is appropriate we will provide realistic advise as to the sentencing range and facilitate the most constructive sentence for your circumstances. For those whose employment will be impacted by conviction, we will advocate for no conviction being recorded.

From your first appointment, Gatenby Criminal Lawyers, provides prudent advice on relevant tactical consideration. Our focused knowledge of the law and timely intervention, frequently settles incidental problems; saving you costs and bringing about a more agreeable outcome.

From the initial application for bail until the conclusion of the matter, Michael ensures that his fearless representation guarantees the well being of the client.


If you are being prosecuted by police you must seek professional advice from Gatenby Criminal Lawyers.

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