02 Sep

New Handbook for Justices of the peace

Since the introduction of the Justices of the Peace and Commissioners for Declarations Act 1991 there have been many multiple amendments to the role and obligations of both the Justices of the peace and commissioners for declarations.  The JP Handbook has been updated many times to reflect these ongoing changes.  In an effort to assist Justices of the Peace the Queensland Government has released a new loose leaf service that can be easily updated.

The online version of the new guide can be accessed here or alternatively you can order the loose leaf serviced through the Queensland Government Publications website.

Justices of the Peace have a long history of assisting the community as voluntary legal officers.

Queensland has more than 86,000, JP’s and Commissioners for Declarations.  They each play an important role in the judicial system and often acts a preliminary check and balance against the power of the state.  Particularly in relation to criminal matters, the Justice of the Peace is required to exercise their discretion when considering  a police application to issue a warrant or summons.

The new guide details the how, what, why and when of witnessing multiple types of documents – from Titles Registry forms, statutory declarations and affidavits through to family law documents, wills and advance health directives.

The new guide will assist Justices of the Peace in the exercise of their duties.