31 Oct


G20G20 Summit Brisbane Laws

The G20 Safety and Security Act was passed on 30 October 2013.  It legislates to provide for the safety and security of persons attending the Group of Twenty leaders’ summit in Brisbane in 2014 and other related meetings and events in Queensland in 2014.  The G20 Summit Brisbane Laws prohibit a person from bringing proscribed items into the designated area.  While some of the items are common sense, others such as insects, surfboard and kites are more peculiar.

The obvious

  1. A category A, B, C, D, E, H, M or R weapon, or a restricted item
  2. An antique firearm, a knife, a major component part of a firearm, shanghai, slingshot, or sword;
  3. A captive bolt humane killer, explosive tool, bow, whether a longbow, a compound bow or another type of bow, spear gun, a replica of a firearm, crossbow, longbow or spear gun, an arrow, blowpipe, handcuffs or a whip

The not so obvious

  1. Glass bottles or jars, metal cans or tins;
  2. Projectiles, including, for example, stones, ball bearings or eggs;
  3. Hand tools,  metal spikes, nails or tacks;
  4. A placard or banner to which a timber, metal or plastic pole is attached or a banner more than 100cm high by 200cm wide;
  5. Urine or animal manure;
  6. A reptile, insect or other animal capable of causing physical harm if released in close proximity to a person;
  7. A communication device, other than a mobile phone or other telephone, capable of being used to organise activity designed to disrupt any part of the G20 meeting, including, for example, a two-way radio or a loud hailer, whether powered or not;
  8. A horn or a hand-held marine warning device;
  9. A thing capable of emitting a sound that can distress or upset a dog or horse;
  10. A thing capable of being used to construct a stage, platform, tripod or tower or a structure similar to a stage, platform, tripod or tower, other than a camera tripod;
  11. Surf ski, surfboard, kayak, boat or canoe;
  12. A floatation device;
  13. A kite; or
  14. A remote controlled device, including a vehicle or a model of a vehicle, including, for example, any of the following operated by remote control—a toy car or a model plane.


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