It’s just a drink driving offence, I can’t go to jail. Can I?

Drink Driving Offence

Most motorists pleading guilty to their first drink driving charge will receive a fine and a loss of their licence.  It is however open for the Magistrate to impose an actual period of imprisonment, es … [Read more...]

ANPR camera systems set to detect Unregistered Vehicles


The Queensland Government is set to allow automatic number plate recognition camera systems or ANPR camera systems to detect unregistered drivers, through proposed amendments to the Transport … [Read more...]

New Traffic Laws and Increased Penalties for Cycle Offences.

Ciclisti al tour

New Traffic Laws Introduce Cycling Reforms. Queensland has new traffic laws following the introductions of the Transport Legislation and Another Regulation Amendment Regulation (No. 1) 2014.  These … [Read more...]


Hooning Laws Hooning and other reckless driving offences can result in the impoundment or immobilisation of a motor vehicle for a period of  seven to 90 days under Queensland Hooning Laws.  For r … [Read more...]

40 Cars a Day Being Seized Under QLD’s Hooning Laws

40 Cars a day seized under Hoon Laws Since 1 November 2013, police have proffered more than 7,800 charges under Queensland hoon laws for traffic offences including dangerous operation of a motor … [Read more...]

Proposed Increased Penalties For Mobile Phone Offences


Qld Mobile phone laws The State Government is considering new laws for mobile phone offences while driving. Motorists currently face fines of $330 and the loss of three demerit points if caught using … [Read more...]



New Penalties for driving offences New anti-hooning and road safety legislation came into effect today.  The penalties for offending are far more significant that those previously imposed.  Offences a … [Read more...]