07 Jun

Queensland Organised Crime Commission of Inquiry Established

In February 2015, the newly elected government indicated that it would conduct a Commission of Inquiry into aspects relating to organised crime in Queensland.  On 2 April 2015 by Commission of Inquiry Order (No.1) 2015 of 2 May 2015, a Commission of Inquiry was commenced.  Michael Byrne QC is required to investigate and report in relation to a variety of issues including the extent and nature or organised crime in Queensland as well as the extent to which entities involved in organised crime use money laundering and professional facilitators including lawyers and accountants.

The terms of reference are extremely wide, requiring the Commissioner, Mr Michael Byrne QC to investigate and report in relation to a variety of issues including:

  1. the high threat illicit drug and/or precursor markets, including but not limited to methylamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, drug analogues and new psychoactive substances, 3, 4 – Methylenedioxymethamphetamine and cannabis;
  2. internet or electronic or technology enabled child sexual offending, including the child exploitation material market;
  3. financial crimes – primarily investment and financial market fraud and financial data theft; and
  4. the relationship between organised crime and corruption in Queensland.
  5. the extent to which entities involved in organised crime, use, or provide the services of, activities that enable or facilitate organised crime in Queensland with particular emphasis on the key enablers;

The key enablers are:

  1. money laundering;
  2. cyber and technology-enabled crime;
  3. identity crime;
  4. violence and extortion; and
  5. professional facilitators, including but not limited to accountants, lawyers, financial advisers, real estate agents, IT experts, technical security experts and chemists.


The Report is to be presented by 30 October 2015.