29 Jul

Crime and Corruption Commission temporary appointments 

Temporary Appointments to Queensland’s CCC

Temporary appointments to the Crime and Corruption Commission have been announced by the Queensland Attorney General.

The acting appointments are:

 Acting Chairperson Ann Gummow

Ann Gummow was a commissioner of the then-Crime and Misconduct Commission from 2006-2011 and previously acted as chairperson. She has more than two decades’ experience with the Women’s Legal Service in Brisbane.

 Acting Chief Executive Officer Kathleen Florian

Kathleen Florian has extensive experience in the investigation of serious and organised crime. Since 2012 she has been in charge of the CCC’s major crime function, which comprises specialist teams targeting the state’s highest-threat organised crime groups, criminal pedophilia and proceeds of crime.

 Acting Commissioner David Kent QC

Since 1989, David Kent QC has practised predominantly in criminal law but has broad experience in personal injuries, industrial, administrative and commercial law.  He has appeared for the defence and the prosecution in all Queensland courts, and up to the High Court of Australia.

 Acting Commissioner Soraya Ryan QC

Soraya Ryan QC is a barrister specialising in criminal, mental health and administrative law. She has experience as a prosecutor, educator and appeared as counsel for Legal Aid Queensland in trials, appeals and other applications before commencing work at the private bar in 2010.