Southport Office Opening

Gatenby Criminal Lawyers has opened new offices in Southport. Our offices are located in the Southport Central office towers opposite Australia Fair Shopping Centre. Suite 2102 Level … [Read more...]

Schoolies week legal issues can impact your future.

Dancing, drinking

It is that time of year again when school leavers get the chance to celebrate their graduation at the annual ‘Schoolies’ festival. Although we are hopeful that it is a week of fun, laughter and cel … [Read more...]

Gatenby Criminal Lawyers Christmas Closure

Gatenby Lawyers at the beach

Gatenby Criminal Lawyers are closing the office for a well earned break between Friday 18 December 2015 and Monday 4 January 2016.  If you need an urgent appointment or wish to check your upcoming … [Read more...]

Proposed Offence of Strangulation

Woman being abused and strangled by a man

  The Queensland Government has indicated that it will this week, introduce a new offence of  non-fatal strangulation.  The offence will be introduced into the Queensland Criminal Code and will b … [Read more...]

New appointment announced for Qld Court of Appeal

Justice Philip McMurdo was this month appointed as a judge of the Court of Appeal. Justice McMurdo will fill the vacancy created by the appointment of Chief Justice Catherine Holmes, who sat on the … [Read more...]

Schoolies Week & Alcohol: What Does the Law Say?

bottles of beer

At the commencement of every Schoolies Week there is the inevitable footage of police confiscating alcohol purchased for or on behalf of underage schoolies.  There is the long and lasting debate over … [Read more...]

Domestic Violence Legislative Changes

Angry man overpowering his girlfriend

In response to the recent spate of domestic violence deaths last week the Queensland Government has fast tracked a number of recommendations of the former Governor General, Quentin Bryce's "Not Now, … [Read more...]

Crime and Corruption Commission temporary appointments 

Temporary Appointments to Queensland's CCC Temporary appointments to the Crime and Corruption Commission have been announced by the Queensland Attorney General. The acting appointments … [Read more...]


party girl

We look at the Safe Night Out Legislation Amendment Bill which was passed by the Queensland Government in an effort to reinforce it’s Safe Night Out plan.  The Safe Night Out plan is said to be aimed a … [Read more...]

Severe Animal Cruelty to Attract 7 Years Imprisonment.

Cow in Pen

Animal cruelty laws have been dramatically increased in the last twelve months.  Late last year the animal cruelty laws were increased from a maximum of two years imprisonment or a fine of $110,000.00 … [Read more...]