Proposed penalties for driving offences leading to death or serious injury


The Queensland government is currently considering introducing a new mid-range driving offence between the existing Criminal Code offence of Dangerous Driving, and the TORUM offence of Driving without … [Read more...]

M1 Traffic Restrictions

Truck drivers need to be aware that from, 1 August 2017, all trucks with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) over 4.5t will be restricted to travelling in the left 2 lanes in both directions between Springwood … [Read more...]

Work Licence for Drug Driving Offences

Traffic Law

DRUGS AND DRIVING If you are pleading guilty to an offence of drug driving, the Court must, in addition to any other penalty, disqualify you from holding or obtaining a motor vehicle driver license. … [Read more...]

State Wide Review of Restricted (Work) Licences

drink driving

Restricted licences, are commonly referred to as work licences.  They permit a convicted drink driver to drive for work purposes.  The licence holder is subjected to a series of conditions regulating t … [Read more...]

It’s just a drink driving offence, I can’t go to jail. Can I?

Drink Driving Offence

Most motorists pleading guilty to their first drink driving charge will receive a fine and a loss of their licence.  It is however open for the Magistrate to impose an actual period of imprisonment, es … [Read more...]

Blood Alcohol Concentration limits in Queensland

Drink Driving Offence

Queensland police have the power to intercept motorists for "random breath tests".  They are looking to determine the quantity of alcohol in your breath or blood.  The reading is expressed as a p … [Read more...]

Traffic Lawyers Guide To Work License Applications

Traffic Law

Disqualification If you have been charged with a Drink Driving offence you must receive a disqualification. This is in addition to any other sentence that the Court may impose.  In some … [Read more...]

Double demerit points to target texting drivers

Motorists repeatedly caught texting or using their mobile phone while driving will face stiffer penalties under changes announced today. The penalties are among a range of recommendations arising … [Read more...]

Online Plea Of Guilty

Minor Traffic offences commenced by way of a complaint and summons, can now be resolved by way of an online plea of guilty.  The days of attending the bulk traffic call over and waiting to have minor … [Read more...]

Increased Penalty For Unlicensed Driving

Amendments to the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 will increase the penalty for unlicensed driving where a person has never held a driver licence. Current Law Pursuant to … [Read more...]