Blood Alcohol Concentration limits in Queensland

Drink Driving Offence

Queensland police have the power to intercept motorists for "random breath tests".  They are looking to determine the quantity of alcohol in your breath or blood.  The reading is expressed as a p … [Read more...]

President of the Court of Appeal Announces Resignation

Criminal law

This week the Court of Appeal President, Margaret McMurdo announced her intention to resign her position effective 26 March 2017.  Her Honour has been a judge in Queensland for more than 25 years, s … [Read more...]

Qld set to overturn Barbaro & Zirilli v The Queen [2014]

Statue of justice

Barbaro & Zirilli is a 2014 High Court Decision which effectively brought to an end the practice of Prosecutors providing the Court with an appropriate sentencing range.  Until 2014 it was usual … [Read more...]



Brisbane Office Now Open. We are pleased to announce the expansion of Gatenby Criminal Lawyers to the Brisbane CBD, with the opening of the Eagle Street Offices. Brisbane Criminal Defence … [Read more...]

Queensland Searches For New Chief Justice

Chief Justice

New Chief Justice Sought Gold Coast criminal lawyers have long sought the introduction of regular sittings of the Supreme Court at Southport.  While the current Chief Justice has arranged for a … [Read more...]


It is an important sentencing principle that parity exist in sentences imposed for like offences.  In a diverse state such a Queensland, with three levels of Courts; Magistrates, District and Supreme, … [Read more...]


Defendants found guilty of offences in the Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts will pay an offender levy with recent amendments to the Penalties and Sentences Act 1992 (“the Act”). The levy will … [Read more...]