16 Mar

Severe Animal Cruelty to Attract 7 Years Imprisonment.

Cow in PenAnimal cruelty laws have been dramatically increased in the last twelve months.  Late last year the animal cruelty laws were increased from a maximum of two years imprisonment or a fine of $110,000.00 to four years imprisonment and or a fine of $220,000.00.  Today the period of imprisonment was again, almost doubled with a maximum penalty of 7 years imprisonment.


The penalty of animal cruelty is set to nearly double following the introduction of a new indictable offence of Serious Animal Cruelty.  The offence is said to target people who deliberately inflict severe pain and suffering upon an animal.

The maximum penalty is now 7 years imprisonment.

This follows the increase late last year to the maximum penalty for animal cruelty from two years in prison or a $110,000 fine to four years in prison or a $220,000 fine