Disqualified Driving

What is the offence?

Little man holds a red Question MarkA person must not drive a motor vehicle on a road unless the person holds a driver license authorising the person to drive the vehicle on the road.




What is the penalty?

Golden balanceDisqualified driving attracts a maximum penalty of $6.000.00 or 18 months imprisonment.

A mandatory disqualification of between two and five years must be imposed in addition to the above penalty.



What does the court take into account in sentencing?

JudgeThere are a number of factors that the court will take into account when determining the appropriate penalty. These include:

          1. The reason for your driving at the time of the offence.
          2. Your previous traffic history.
          3. Your manner of driving at the time of the offence. That was you intercepted as part of a random test or was it the manner of driving which attracted the police’s attention to you
          4. Was the disqualified driving associated with the commission of another offence?
          5. Your personal circumstances.
          6. Any other circumstances the Court considers relevant.


Frequently asked questions.


Q: Do the Courts consider disqualified driving to be a serious offence?
A: Disqualified Driving is a serious offence in Queensland. Magistrates regularly impose periods of imprisonment, particularly for repeat offenders.

Q: If I am convicted of disqualified driving am I able to apply for a work license?
A: Regrettably the court does not have any discretion when it comes to the minimum disqualification or the granting of a work license. No matter what your need for a license or the circumstances of your driving, if you are convicted of the offence you will be disqualified for at least two years.


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