Dishonesty Offences


Dishonesty Offences range in seriousness from Unlawful takeaway shop goods through to Stealing and Fraud. The penalties imposed vary dependant upon the seriousness of the misconduct and the quantum of the offending.


The penalties imposed may vary, it depends on the seriousness of the misconduct and the impact upon the complainant. In relation to some charges in this class, there is also an option for an accused to be declared a Serious Violent Offender, which requires the person to serve 80% of the sentence imposed.


There are a number of defences that are available to many of the charges in this broad category, including, honest claim of right and whether the person intended the dishonesty. It is prudent to obtain advice in relation to specific defences of your case.


In many instances, the offences at the lower end of the range are dealt with before a Magistrate, however, in relation to more serious allegations the District Court will finalise the charge.

Gatenby Criminal Lawyers:

Our Criminal Lawyers regularly appear on behalf of clients in relation to Dishonesty Offences. We can provide you with advice as to prospects of success at trial, defences available and likely sentencing range.