New South Wales Drug Offences Drug Related Offences in NSW


Drug charges form the bulk of the work that comes before the Courts. Maximum penalties of up to 25 years, mean that drug offences are not matters to be left to chance. It is imperative that you get proper advice and/or representation if you, or a loved one is charged with a drug offence.  Recorded convictions for drug offences have significant consequences on employment prospects, or ability to travel.

Gatenby Criminal Lawyers has a reputation for outstanding results in relation to all drug related charges.  Our criminal lawyers are experienced in all facets of the criminal law.  We can provide advice as to prospects of success if you are contesting the matter or likely sentencing ranges if the matter is a plea of guilty.  We can also direct you to relevant support and counselling services.

Below we have included general information on a number of drug charges that are routinely before the Court.  Included is the law relating to the charges, what the prosecution have to prove, penalties and where the matter is likely to be heard.

The information below is general in nature and if you are charged with a drug offence we recommend that you contact a criminal lawyer to discuss your personal situation.  There is no substitute for personal advice.

NSW Drug Charges

  • Possess Prohibited Drugs
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Supply Prohibited Drug
  • Supply Prohibited Drug on an Ongoing Basis
  • Social Supply
  • Use of Prohibited Drug
  • Forging Drug Prescriptions
  • Importation of Steroids
  • Importing or Exporting a Border-Controlled Drug or Plant
  • Synthetic Drugs
  • Cultivate Prohibited Plant
  • Manufacture a Prohibited Drug

Gatenby Criminal Lawyers:

We regularly appear in NSW Courts in relation to Drug Offences. We can provide you with advice as to prospects of success at trial, defences available and likely sentencing range. Contact us today to arrange a consultation about your matter.