Welcome Return Of Drug Court To Queensland Courts


In acknowledging the link between addiction and the commission of criminal offences, the Queensland government has reinstated the Drug Court in Queensland.  This court recognises that rehabilitation … [Read more...]

Proposed penalties for driving offences leading to death or serious injury


The Queensland government is currently considering introducing a new mid-range driving offence between the existing Criminal Code offence of Dangerous Driving, and the TORUM offence of Driving without … [Read more...]

Industrial Manslaughter Offence Introduced to Queensland

Drink Driving Offence

On 12 October 2017, the Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, Grace Grace, announced the introduction of "Tough new industrial manslaughter laws" in Queensland.  With maximum penalties o … [Read more...]

State Penalties Enforcement Amendment Bill 2017

Criminal Lawyer, Sam Rigby explains the introduction of the State Penalties Enforcement Amendment Bill 2017 into the Queensland Parliament.  The SPER registry oversees and manages debts, amounting to … [Read more...]

Reforms to Youth Justice Laws Brings Qld in Line With UN Convention

Teenager under arrest

Youth Justice Reforms Queensland's 17 year old offenders are the only youths in the Country being sentenced outside the youth justice system. By treating 17 year olds as adults in the criminal … [Read more...]

Domestic & Family Violence Protection Bill 2016

Domestic violence bail

DV LAW SET TO BE STRENGTHENED AND PENALTIES INCREASED. Domestic Violence Law On 16 August 2016, the Minister for Child Safety and Minister for the Protection of Domestic and Family Violence … [Read more...]

Penalty Unit set to rise from $117.80 to $121.90

On 28 April 2016 the Governor approved the Penalties and Sentences Amendment Regulation (No.1) 2016(the PSR Amendment). It commences on 1 July 2016 and amends the Penalties and Sentences Regulation 2 … [Read more...]

Drug Convictions for Offences at Stereosonic

Party Drugs

More than 120 revellers face criminal convictions for drug offences following last weekends Stereosonic concert in Fortitude Valley.A total of 123 people were arrested and charged with 127 offences … [Read more...]



Sentencing procedure has been significantly amended with the introduction of the  Youth Justice and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014.  The act amends section 9 (Sentencing guidelines) by omitting … [Read more...]

Online Plea Of Guilty

Minor Traffic offences commenced by way of a complaint and summons, can now be resolved by way of an online plea of guilty.  The days of attending the bulk traffic call over and waiting to have minor … [Read more...]