25 Jul

What to do if you can’t afford a criminal lawyer?

A criminal case can be quite costly whether you are the one filing the lawsuit or you are on the defense side. Not everyone is financially capable to be in such a situation. However, it should not hinder you from getting yourself properly represented in the criminal court. Legal Aid in Queensland can help you get a criminal lawyer even if you cannot afford to hire one.

Legal Aid in Queensland (LAQ) is an organisation funded by the Queensland Government to provide free legal information, advice and representation (if you meet LAQ’s criteria) to financially disadvantaged people. It has 14 regional offices and community access points offices scattered all over Queensland. Legal Aid in Queensland offer legal services for the following criminal cases:

If you would like a legal aid to help get you a criminal lawyer, you should call LAQ or visit a regional office to get a free legal advice. Afterwards, you will accomplish an application form for a grant of legal aid, which is available through LAQ’s website, regional offices or one of LAQ’s preferred law firm supplier.

Not all applicants will get free legal representation with their criminal case though. Legal Aid in Queensland requires certain criteria that will help determine if the applicant can be given legal assistance without contribution, with initial contribution, or is not eligible for legal assistance. To find out if an individual is eligible for the grant, he or she must pass LAQ’s Means Test and Merits Tests. The criminal lawsuit should also fall within the scope of the organisation’s criminal law guidelines.

If your legal aid application to get a criminal lawyer is most unfortunately not granted, then you can try approaching some of LAQ’s preferred law firm suppliers like Gatenby Criminal Law firm. Gatenby Criminal Law also gives free initial consultation and fixed fee quote if you choose our Criminal Lawyers. We can appear as solicitor advocates and reduce the extra costs associated with criminal representation. Contact us and we will provide the best criminal lawyer to represent you at the most cost effective way possible.