Blair Carey

Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Law Clerk

Southport, Brisbane, Beenleigh, Coolangatta

Mobile: 0400 829 169
Office: (07) 55800 120
Facsimile: (07) 55800 952

Blair has always had a strong passion for Criminal Law. He is currently undergoing study at Griffith University to complete his Bachelor of Laws LLB. He has studied in a variety of fields, with the criminal law being his prevailing choice.

He is actively involved in the legal community, with varying associations with Legal Societies and organisations. As a member of the Legal Forecast, he participates in regular conferences and hackathons in assessing and growing the ‘New Lawyer’. He understands the changing times and that clients are wanting, and deserving, a more tailored approach to their legal problems.

Blair has been with our office since late 2016 and has a variety of roles. Most importantly, he is committed to the Gatenby Criminal Law mission.