Brisbane Office Now Open. We are pleased to announce the expansion of Gatenby Criminal Lawyers to the Brisbane CBD, with the opening of the Eagle Street Offices. Brisbane Criminal Defence … [Read more...]

Juvenile Offenders To Be Named and Shamed Under New Laws

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New criminal laws have been passed for juvenile offenders in Queensland with a substantial overhaul of the Qld Childrens Court process.  These changes are substantial in that they remove the … [Read more...]

CMC To Be Renamed CCC, Crime and Corruption Commission in Overhaul


The CMC is set to be rebranded following changes to Queensland Criminal Laws passed today, 19 March 2014.  The Crime and Misconduct Act has been amended to rebrand the former Crime and Misconduct … [Read more...]

Traffic Law – Can I Refuse a RBT?

A number of clients often ask our traffic lawyers whether they have to provide a specimen of breath.   Some people believe that the police must, upon request, obtain a blood test, others are indignant … [Read more...]

Drink Driving – What Alcohol Limit Applies?

Gold Coast Traffic Lawyers As Gold Coast traffic lawyers who present at QTOP*, we often ask attendees what the various alcohol limits are that apply in Queensland.  There is often as much confusion … [Read more...]

Mandatory Sentences part of NSW “one punch” laws

Mandatory Sentences Mandatory eight-year jail sentences for fatal one-punch attacks fuelled by alcohol or drugs are among are raft of measures to be introduced to curb alcohol-related violence in … [Read more...]