What to do if you can’t afford a criminal lawyer?

A criminal case can be quite costly whether you are the one filing the lawsuit or you are on the defense side. Not everyone is financially capable to be in such a situation. However, it should not … [Read more...]

State Penalties Enforcement Amendment Bill 2017

Criminal Lawyer, Sam Rigby explains the introduction of the State Penalties Enforcement Amendment Bill 2017 into the Queensland Parliament.  The SPER registry oversees and manages debts, amounting to … [Read more...]

New Chair of Legal Aid Board Announced

On 4 May 2017, Queensland's Attorney-General announced the appointment of  Retired Justice Margaret McMurdo as the new Chair of the Legal Aid Board of Queensland. Justice McMurdo retired as a … [Read more...]

Child Protection (Offender Reporting) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 ‘The Bill’

Sentencing Law

Our criminal law clerk, Stefanie Schilkowski outlines the amendment to the Child Protection legislation. CHILD PROTECTION - TOUGH, STREAMLINED AND HOLISTIC NEW LAWS? Following the 2013 review by the … [Read more...]

Work Licence for Drug Driving Offences

Traffic Law

DRUGS AND DRIVING If you are pleading guilty to an offence of drug driving, the Court must, in addition to any other penalty, disqualify you from holding or obtaining a motor vehicle driver license. … [Read more...]

DV Applications: How To Apply For A Domestic Violence Order

Domestic violence bail

If you are in a domestic relationship and the subject of domestic violence you may be eligible to complete a DV application for a Domestic Violence Protection Order.  The person applying for the Order … [Read more...]

Responding to a Domestic Violence Application

Domestic violence bail

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RESPONDENT If you have been served with a Domestic Violence Protection Order Application you are referred to as the respondent.  As a Respondent you should give thought to how you … [Read more...]

State Wide Review of Restricted (Work) Licences

drink driving

Restricted licences, are commonly referred to as work licences.  They permit a convicted drink driver to drive for work purposes.  The licence holder is subjected to a series of conditions regulating … [Read more...]

It’s just a drink driving offence, I can’t go to jail. Can I?

Drink Driving Offence

Most motorists pleading guilty to their first drink driving charge will receive a fine and a loss of their licence.  It is however open for the Magistrate to impose an actual period of imprisonment, … [Read more...]

Blood Alcohol Concentration limits in Queensland

Drink Driving Offence

Queensland police have the power to intercept motorists for "random breath tests".  They are looking to determine the quantity of alcohol in your breath or blood.  The reading is expressed as a … [Read more...]